New Jersey Granite Countertops

We have been providing granite and marble countertops in the New Jersey area since 2010. We offer over three hundred different colors and are sure to have something to complement your kitchen or bathroom. We are known for our great prices, our quick delivery and a beautiful end product that will make your kitchen a showplace and your bathroom the envy of your guests.


Our instant quote feature will take the guesswork out of your budgeting in just a few minutes. Simply select the shape of your countertop, fill in the dimensions, pick out your granite and we will give you an exact price in seconds.


We install countertops in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Our unique selection of natural stone will make a statement in any space, commercial or residential. In addition to fabricating and installing your product, we will also perform ongoing maintenance on indoor and outdoor surfaces to keep your natural stone looking its best.


With our vast selection of edging and natural stone, there are literally countless ways that you can combine surfaces to create a truly unique counter in your kitchen or bath. Our gallery includes kitchens, vanity tops, fireplaces, islands, bar tops, Jacuzzis, and barbecues.

In addition to regular maintenance, we also offer repair services. While unfortunate, sometimes chips or cracks do happen when heavy items fall onto the granite counter, particularly if it happens on a corner. Repairing this damage without leaving visible marks requires a level of expertise that almost approaches an artistic skill. We can have your counter looking brand new again.


Our primary goal is the satisfaction of our customers. We approach every job with the three principles of honesty, integrity, and trust influencing every decision we make. We have a large base of satisfied customers who have found that our focus on the highest quality products and services will leave them with nothing less than the best.


We attach the same amount of importance to small residential jobs as large commercial orders. Both will be filled quickly and efficiently, presenting a professional finish with our high quality machines and talented staff.


Our selection of marble, granite, and other natural stones comes from all over the world. Our constant drive to better our company motivates us to always be improving our techniques as well as expanding our selection.


We can offer expert advice on choice of surfacing for any use. We will guide you through the many factors to consider when choosing a countertop-everything from weight and thickness to the ability to hold hot pans or resist stains.


Try our instant quote feature and find out what your granite countertop will cost right now. There's no obligation to buy anything when you get an instant quote, but once you see our products with our pricing, we guarantee that you'll be satisfied.

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